Mobile Business Apps – How to Promote Small Business

If you are looking for ways on how to promote small business in your area, then mobile business apps are the ideal solution. Until recently making use of these types of applications was expensive and complicated, but as the technology has advanced, so has the ease at which you can use it and now it is affordable for any small local business owner.

What Can be Included in Your Biz App?

Your business app will include the following features:-

• Your Home Page with Click to Call and GPS Routing to Your Location
• A Share Button – to Virally Share Your App with Others
• Links to Your Facebook and Twitter
• Featured Listings of Products and Services
• Contact Form
• Calculators
• Loyalty Program Countdowns
• Fan Walls, Gallery, Messages and many more customizable options
• …and Unlimited Push Notifications!

Push notifications are the most important element on your business application. Push notification allow you to send messages to all the people who have your app on their phone or tablet and unlike email that only has a 4% read rate, notifications are being read 97% of the time and many read these notifications within one hour of you sending them. With push notification, you are able to put your business in the pocket of your local community.

How Much Will It Cost?

While app development has typically been beyond the reach of the average small venture, this is no longer the case. New technology has made it cheaper and easier to build customizable applications for a fraction of the price. You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars to get a fully functional customized small biz application. For just a once off payment of fifteen hundred dollars and the option for a maintenance service or training on how to service and maintain your app yourself, you can generate more repeat customers and get your company information and services in front of many more people.

How to Market Your App

There are a wide range of techniques to use to get your mobile application downloaded including offering incentives such as discounts, freebies and loyalty plans. Advertising your app on your website, on your Google maps page as well as through other general local marketing techniques will ensure that you get great coverage. You can also make use of your application itself to go viral and offer the opportunity to tell a friend about it.

Mobile business apps are a great step towards putting local businesses in the palm of your local community and while 80% of the population own a mobile phone and there are 5x more phone users than computer users in the world, apps marketing is the future of advertising and the fastest growing way how to promote small business.